Living Inentionally


Starting Over

Ok, it has been over 2 months since I posted anything.  I did not die, I just lost forward progress/motivation.  As of 8/1 I was sitting at 208lbs.  As of today, 10/2, I am at 216.5 lbs.  This is not good.

This is all my fault and I am aware of it.  I am not going to beat myself up over it.  I just need to get back on track and do the things that were helping me get to the goal.

I started exercising again last night:

23 minutes of EA Active 2.

Breakfast:  1.5 mini bagels with light peanut butter and coffee

Snacks:  I have been snacking on fresh grapefruit this morning.

I will get new photos (although I am still chubby) and measurements today/tonight and get them posted.


Quick Update

I have logged all of my meals and exercise over on everyday this week.  I like how the tool keeps track and helps you to realize what you are actually putting in your body and just how many calories are in what you digest.

For instance, my Protein shake that I have been making and drinking each night (usually around 9:30 or 10, just before bed) has nearly 650 calories alone.  This seems extremely high directly before bed.  So, now that I have listed all the ingredients that I place in it using the MyFitnessPal tools, I can see from which ingredients the majority of the calories are from.  Needless to say, that 2% milk and peanut butter, are not going to be in it anymore.  Also, since I am not a bodybuilder and not trying to gain a ton of mass, the amount of protein powder that I put in will be cut in half.

Weight update:  206.5 lbs as of an hour ago.

I will be taking new measurements and photos this weekend and posting them early next week.

Stay motivated and keep pushing!!!!


Time to Start ANew…

Weight:  Not going anywhere   208.5lbs as of 30 minutes ago.

Created by MyFitnessPal – Free Weight Loss Tools

So, it seems I have hit a brick wall.  I have not really lost/gained any real pounds in over 3 weeks.  This does not make me very happy at all.

So, I am going to set short term goals:

1.  Workout/Exercise 7 days this week.  I exercised last night by doing 31 minutes of EA Active, was mainly cardio with some light curls/tricep extensions with bands.  That being said, I will go Sunday to Sunday in my goals as a week.  This week the plan is to do the EA Active 5 nights and to do light lifting with Devon on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

2.  Eat even better.  I was straying a bit from a tight eating/meal plan.  So I have tightened the rains in.  I have pre-made my breakfast and lunches for the week (images to follow).  As well as my wife bagged up carrots and celery for me to bring to work for snacks.  For supper, I will have to just watch how much I intake.  I find it hard for my wife and I to make separate meals at supper time, so I need to be able to eat what she does.  This means just not eating as much and adding extra healthy items to the supper for me, such as additional carrots or celery or fruit of some type.

3.  Use another online tool for tracking.  I have recently moved from the “Dumb” phone era to the “Smart” phone era and found My Fitness Pal.  I am going to try and use this as a tool.  I will keep this blog as well.  I just want a specific tool to use to document better and be able to chart my results and such.  I am going to see if I can find a way to show my stats on this site from My Fitness Pal. (EDIT…I found a way as you can see at the top of this post)  I don’t know if I can since this is the free version of the WordPress and not the paid version, but we shall see.

4.  Keep my head up.  Things are getting better at work.  I will be transffering to my new position in approximately 2 weeks.  That will elliviate some stress…I hope anyway.  We shall see.

Here are the pics from my food preparation on Saturday with my wife.  She is awesome by the way!!

This is my beautiful wife, Libbie.

This is my breakfast for the week. Overnight Steel Cut Oats with various additions. This morning was Walnuts/Brown Sugar/Milk

And this will be lunch for the week. Baby Spinach salad with various toppings (tomato/cucumber/egg/almonds). These are Pint jars.

One Week Later…

Weight:  208 lbs

I am still losing, however so slowly.  I have gotten to the last hole on my belt and it has gotten easier and easier to get to that hole.  So that is a good indication that even though my weight loss has slowed, my size is still actually changing for the better.

I get to start working with weights again a few days a week with my son.  His mother has come back from being gone, so he will be moving back closer to me now.  We will start back up tonight, so I will be sore tomorrow…I am truly looking forward to it!!

I will take new measurements in 2 weeks, that will be 90 days since I actually started trying to better myself.

Mental stress is still there to an extreme.  I have a long list of to-do and project items to get rid of…but I am working on them slowly but surely.

Till next time…..

Out of Sync

So, I have been out of sync for over a week now.  Time to do some catch-up and get back on track completely.

On 6/29 I had my annual physical plus my now monthly Dr. follow-up.  As of that morning I was at 209 lbs.  I am good with that number.  If you are keeping track, that is 17 lbs in 2 months.  I feel better, my clothes fit better, or loose in some instances.  She (Dr. Linda) was happy with my health and the loss.  I had the normal annual blood/lab tests done.  Results came in while on vacation in NC and all was good, with one minor exception, my “good” cholesterol was low.  She recommended a multi-vitamin and fish oil.

Up until this past Sunday evening 7/8, I had not gotten in any “normal” exercise.  While in NC last week we did a lot of walking and spent time on the beach/ocean, so did not go without physical activity, but I did not get in any workouts.  This was not due to anyone else, just I did not make it happen.  However, I did try to eat better than I normally would have in the past while in vacation.  I still enjoyed some of the local favorites that I love while down there, only in more moderation this year.  I ate a few Peanut Butter M&Ms and had a cup of ice cream or some Oreo Jello desert.  But nothing to bad or in over abundance.  So I feel good about the fact that when I got to work yesterday morning and weighed myself, I was only at 209.5lbs.  So I don’t think that this is too bad, could have been a ton worse.

Vacation for those that read this and would like to know, was great.  My wife and step-son had a good time, I think.  We go to Southport, NC.  Libbie’s (my wife) parents have a house not far from Oak Island and her mother now lives there full time.  So she got to visit with her, and her father was there for the few several days, and then had to come back to Indian to work.  Southport is about 30 minutes south on the coast from Wilmington.  There are several movies/shows that have been filmed in this area, Dawson’s Creek, The Crow, and a ton other.  I love the beach and ocean and could live there fulltime.  Libbie wants to move down there at some point when all our boys are out of the house (we have other parents that are involved for the boys).  She however, wants to live inland a few hours…I would prefer closer to the water.  We spent 8 days there and it was sooo relaxing (for the most part).

Back to my fitness journey.  Sunday I exercised (cardio only) for about 25 minutes and when slower than I had been.  I was feeling it bad…tight legs/arms/chest, you name it and it did not want to work properly.  That being said, yesterday I was sore as all get out.

I did not get a true workout in last night, as I was still adjusting to going back to work/soreness.  I will be back at it tonight though.  I am going to try to not overdo it though.  I do plan to pick up the intensity/amount of exercise I do.  I want to see more results.  We did not measure me after my monthly check up on purpose.  I did not feel that I saw enough change in my photos taken and uploaded to even worry about measuring.  I have noticed more tone in my arms though, so I can see a small difference.  We will update measurements at the end of this month (my Dr. appt is 7/31).

I hope everyone in blogosphere world is doing well.

Photo Update

So, below are my 2 month photos.  I can not tell a huge difference from where I started.  I can see a small change here and there.  Tell me what you think, do you see a difference at all.  I was hoping for more drastic evidence, but alas it is not there.  I will not get discouraged though.  I have my annual physical tomorrow and will get and official weight at that time and give an update at that time.  We head to NC tomorrow for the next week as well.

Day 60

Ok, so today is Day 60 (6/25), 2 months since I started.  I am only down 16 lbs as I weighed in at 211 lbs a few hours ago (11:19 am EST).

I know that this is alot to some, however I was truly hoping to be at 207 by this coming Friday when I have my annual physical and leave for North Carolina for a week.  I still have a few days, and I will not give up.  I will be taking photos and measurements on Thursday night and most likely updating after my appoitment on Friday.

I feel better than I did 2 months ago, and I know that the 16lbs lost is more than what I would have lost had I not made any changes at all….I probably would even be heavier.

Breakfast:    1 banana, 1 pack instant oats, coffee

Snack:   handful of raisens

Lunch:  1/2 -3/4 cup of left over spaghetti and meat sauce with tomato chunks.

Snack: handfull of raisens

Supper:  About 4-5oz Salmon Fillet, with 1/2 cup yogurt

Protein “shake”  1.5 scoops of protein powder, 13-14oz of apple juice, tsp chocolate syrup  (this combo was not tasty, will not do it again)

Does anyone have any suggestions on protein powder?  I drink it within 30 minutes of excersising.  Should I, or shouldn’t I?  Any decent combinations?  I usually make it in a blender with milk or juice, or sometimes just water with some type of frozen fruit.  Sometimes I put dry oats in it.  Your thoughts?


Setbacks #1

Setbacks happen, it is all about the future you, not what happened yesterday or the week prior or even the year prior to that.

Keep moving forward…if you fall a step behind, take 3 steps forward.

You have to do what needs to be done in order to keep moving.  Do not let yourself get lazy and fall too far behind.  You can catch up and pass where you needed to be all along, but it just makes it harder on yourself.

What are you going to do to change the course…?


“Another example is fitness: while I do set goals with myself (lose my bellyfat, for example), I have learned not to worry so much about those goals. They’ll come, or maybe they won’t. Instead, I’ve learned to focus on eating enjoyable foods that are healthy, and stay active on most days. As a result, I don’t sweat it when things don’t go according to plan — because there’s really no set plan. If I eat some treats at a party, it’s no problem. If I don’t go for a workout one day, no sweat. I’ll get back to it the next day, and even then I might still eat some chocolate for the pure joy of it all. I still get fitter and healthier, and most importantly I enjoy the journey along the way.”   – Leo Babauta

I agree with Leo.  Although I want/need to lose the weight, the health is the most important issue for me.  By exercising regularly and eating healthier, the weight will take care of itself.  I can help by ensuring that I am doing both of these things, so that will help meet the overall goal of weight loss/toning that I am looking for.  However, I can not focus on the weight itself, it will just discourage me when I see it not leave immediately.  I did not gain it overnight, so I will not be able to lose it overnight.

I have been reading a ton of posts from his blog.  The practices that he speaks about are like he is talking about how I want to live my life.  A lot of it is easier said than done for me though.  However, baby steps can get me there.

Day 46

It has been a few days since I have given any update.  I am still here, eating better and exercising.

I have been eating better over the past few days/weeks and have been trying to exercise even harder/longer.

Tonight was 37 minutes of cardio, non-stop for the entire time.  I was dripping wet when it was over, so it was a good workout.  I am going to pick up the pace and try to do it every night for the next week.

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