Day 40

by barefootvisions

Ok so I lied, I am going to weigh myself…just not as often.  As of 7:30 am this morning (6/4), I am sitting at 214.5 lbs.  So that is a few more off.

(6/5) I didn’t get this updated last night, so just retitled it to Day 40 which is today.

I have worked out the last few nights a little more than before.  I have been doing work with resistance bands, trying to do reps/sets as you would with free weights.  It takes alot more to get to a point where I feel the resistance that I would using machines or weights.  However I push myself to keep going until I feel I am to the same point I would be with these other tools.  My bands are not great, they are the ones that came with the EA Active, but they work for now.  I am hoping to get a good set eventually, but we shall see.

I have been trying to get my wife to work out with me, but she says she would be too self-conscience. I have tried to make her feel secure in the fact that I do not judge her and that I look like a flopping fish while I work out as well.  Hopefully she will come around and start working out with me as well.  I am going to try and find some yoga stuff that maybe she will do with me. I want to try and incorporate some of that into my routine, so that I can clear my mind a little easier.  Maybe I will try to get her to do Wii Fit yoga moves with me tonight.

Ok…I am out for the day.  Take care to any that read this.    -Travis