by barefootvisions

“Another example is fitness: while I do set goals with myself (lose my bellyfat, for example), I have learned not to worry so much about those goals. They’ll come, or maybe they won’t. Instead, I’ve learned to focus on eating enjoyable foods that are healthy, and stay active on most days. As a result, I don’t sweat it when things don’t go according to plan — because there’s really no set plan. If I eat some treats at a party, it’s no problem. If I don’t go for a workout one day, no sweat. I’ll get back to it the next day, and even then I might still eat some chocolate for the pure joy of it all. I still get fitter and healthier, and most importantly I enjoy the journey along the way.”   – Leo Babauta

I agree with Leo.  Although I want/need to lose the weight, the health is the most important issue for me.  By exercising regularly and eating healthier, the weight will take care of itself.  I can help by ensuring that I am doing both of these things, so that will help meet the overall goal of weight loss/toning that I am looking for.  However, I can not focus on the weight itself, it will just discourage me when I see it not leave immediately.  I did not gain it overnight, so I will not be able to lose it overnight.

I have been reading a ton of posts from his blog.  The practices that he speaks about are like he is talking about how I want to live my life.  A lot of it is easier said than done for me though.  However, baby steps can get me there.