Day 60

by barefootvisions

Ok, so today is Day 60 (6/25), 2 months since I started.  I am only down 16 lbs as I weighed in at 211 lbs a few hours ago (11:19 am EST).

I know that this is alot to some, however I was truly hoping to be at 207 by this coming Friday when I have my annual physical and leave for North Carolina for a week.  I still have a few days, and I will not give up.  I will be taking photos and measurements on Thursday night and most likely updating after my appoitment on Friday.

I feel better than I did 2 months ago, and I know that the 16lbs lost is more than what I would have lost had I not made any changes at all….I probably would even be heavier.

Breakfast:    1 banana, 1 pack instant oats, coffee

Snack:   handful of raisens

Lunch:  1/2 -3/4 cup of left over spaghetti and meat sauce with tomato chunks.

Snack: handfull of raisens

Supper:  About 4-5oz Salmon Fillet, with 1/2 cup yogurt

Protein “shake”  1.5 scoops of protein powder, 13-14oz of apple juice, tsp chocolate syrup  (this combo was not tasty, will not do it again)

Does anyone have any suggestions on protein powder?  I drink it within 30 minutes of excersising.  Should I, or shouldn’t I?  Any decent combinations?  I usually make it in a blender with milk or juice, or sometimes just water with some type of frozen fruit.  Sometimes I put dry oats in it.  Your thoughts?