Out of Sync

by barefootvisions

So, I have been out of sync for over a week now.  Time to do some catch-up and get back on track completely.

On 6/29 I had my annual physical plus my now monthly Dr. follow-up.  As of that morning I was at 209 lbs.  I am good with that number.  If you are keeping track, that is 17 lbs in 2 months.  I feel better, my clothes fit better, or loose in some instances.  She (Dr. Linda) was happy with my health and the loss.  I had the normal annual blood/lab tests done.  Results came in while on vacation in NC and all was good, with one minor exception, my “good” cholesterol was low.  She recommended a multi-vitamin and fish oil.

Up until this past Sunday evening 7/8, I had not gotten in any “normal” exercise.  While in NC last week we did a lot of walking and spent time on the beach/ocean, so did not go without physical activity, but I did not get in any workouts.  This was not due to anyone else, just I did not make it happen.  However, I did try to eat better than I normally would have in the past while in vacation.  I still enjoyed some of the local favorites that I love while down there, only in more moderation this year.  I ate a few Peanut Butter M&Ms and had a cup of ice cream or some Oreo Jello desert.  But nothing to bad or in over abundance.  So I feel good about the fact that when I got to work yesterday morning and weighed myself, I was only at 209.5lbs.  So I don’t think that this is too bad, could have been a ton worse.

Vacation for those that read this and would like to know, was great.  My wife and step-son had a good time, I think.  We go to Southport, NC.  Libbie’s (my wife) parents have a house not far from Oak Island and her mother now lives there full time.  So she got to visit with her, and her father was there for the few several days, and then had to come back to Indian to work.  Southport is about 30 minutes south on the coast from Wilmington.  There are several movies/shows that have been filmed in this area, Dawson’s Creek, The Crow, and a ton other.  I love the beach and ocean and could live there fulltime.  Libbie wants to move down there at some point when all our boys are out of the house (we have other parents that are involved for the boys).  She however, wants to live inland a few hours…I would prefer closer to the water.  We spent 8 days there and it was sooo relaxing (for the most part).

Back to my fitness journey.  Sunday I exercised (cardio only) for about 25 minutes and when slower than I had been.  I was feeling it bad…tight legs/arms/chest, you name it and it did not want to work properly.  That being said, yesterday I was sore as all get out.

I did not get a true workout in last night, as I was still adjusting to going back to work/soreness.  I will be back at it tonight though.  I am going to try to not overdo it though.  I do plan to pick up the intensity/amount of exercise I do.  I want to see more results.  We did not measure me after my monthly check up on purpose.  I did not feel that I saw enough change in my photos taken and uploaded to even worry about measuring.  I have noticed more tone in my arms though, so I can see a small difference.  We will update measurements at the end of this month (my Dr. appt is 7/31).

I hope everyone in blogosphere world is doing well.