One Week Later…

by barefootvisions

Weight:  208 lbs

I am still losing, however so slowly.  I have gotten to the last hole on my belt and it has gotten easier and easier to get to that hole.  So that is a good indication that even though my weight loss has slowed, my size is still actually changing for the better.

I get to start working with weights again a few days a week with my son.  His mother has come back from being gone, so he will be moving back closer to me now.  We will start back up tonight, so I will be sore tomorrow…I am truly looking forward to it!!

I will take new measurements in 2 weeks, that will be 90 days since I actually started trying to better myself.

Mental stress is still there to an extreme.  I have a long list of to-do and project items to get rid of…but I am working on them slowly but surely.

Till next time…..