Time to Start ANew…

by barefootvisions

Weight:  Not going anywhere   208.5lbs as of 30 minutes ago.

Created by MyFitnessPal – Free Weight Loss Tools

So, it seems I have hit a brick wall.  I have not really lost/gained any real pounds in over 3 weeks.  This does not make me very happy at all.

So, I am going to set short term goals:

1.  Workout/Exercise 7 days this week.  I exercised last night by doing 31 minutes of EA Active, was mainly cardio with some light curls/tricep extensions with bands.  That being said, I will go Sunday to Sunday in my goals as a week.  This week the plan is to do the EA Active 5 nights and to do light lifting with Devon on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

2.  Eat even better.  I was straying a bit from a tight eating/meal plan.  So I have tightened the rains in.  I have pre-made my breakfast and lunches for the week (images to follow).  As well as my wife bagged up carrots and celery for me to bring to work for snacks.  For supper, I will have to just watch how much I intake.  I find it hard for my wife and I to make separate meals at supper time, so I need to be able to eat what she does.  This means just not eating as much and adding extra healthy items to the supper for me, such as additional carrots or celery or fruit of some type.

3.  Use another online tool for tracking.  I have recently moved from the “Dumb” phone era to the “Smart” phone era and found My Fitness Pal.  I am going to try and use this as a tool.  I will keep this blog as well.  I just want a specific tool to use to document better and be able to chart my results and such.  I am going to see if I can find a way to show my stats on this site from My Fitness Pal. (EDIT…I found a way as you can see at the top of this post)  I don’t know if I can since this is the free version of the WordPress and not the paid version, but we shall see.

4.  Keep my head up.  Things are getting better at work.  I will be transffering to my new position in approximately 2 weeks.  That will elliviate some stress…I hope anyway.  We shall see.

Here are the pics from my food preparation on Saturday with my wife.  She is awesome by the way!!

This is my beautiful wife, Libbie.

This is my breakfast for the week. Overnight Steel Cut Oats with various additions. This morning was Walnuts/Brown Sugar/Milk

And this will be lunch for the week. Baby Spinach salad with various toppings (tomato/cucumber/egg/almonds). These are Pint jars.