Quick Update

by barefootvisions

I have logged all of my meals and exercise over on MyFitnessPal.com everyday this week.  I like how the tool keeps track and helps you to realize what you are actually putting in your body and just how many calories are in what you digest.

For instance, my Protein shake that I have been making and drinking each night (usually around 9:30 or 10, just before bed) has nearly 650 calories alone.  This seems extremely high directly before bed.  So, now that I have listed all the ingredients that I place in it using the MyFitnessPal tools, I can see from which ingredients the majority of the calories are from.  Needless to say, that 2% milk and peanut butter, are not going to be in it anymore.  Also, since I am not a bodybuilder and not trying to gain a ton of mass, the amount of protein powder that I put in will be cut in half.

Weight update:  206.5 lbs as of an hour ago.

I will be taking new measurements and photos this weekend and posting them early next week.

Stay motivated and keep pushing!!!!